We are Furify

Elevate Your Space, Elevate Their Lives

Ending The Fur Struggle

Furify was founded in 2023 by three friends who had one thing in common: we slept in the same beds as our pets, and consequently had very dirty, furry beds.

“Why don’t you get a bed for your pet?” “Aren’t you worried about asthma attacks or allergies?” were some of the questions flung our way.

But we couldn’t give up co-sleeping. This nightly routine had seen us through some of life’s biggest changes – including the birth of a child, the passing of a parent, and a new job.

Everything changed when the cockroach attacked.

One day, one of our dogs brought a live roach onto the bed. A frantic dog-human-roach chase ensued –not necessarily in that order.

Other than the usual mess of fur that comes with owning a double-coated dog, now there were cockroach germs to contend with! Hygiene became too big an issue to ignore.

Barring Whiskey from the bed was not an option. Neither was shaking out, brushing, and lint-rolling the sheets every time something like this happened, just so the washer wouldn’t get clogged with fur.

That’s when our epiphany hit. Dogs will be dogs, but we could make the sheets easier to clean. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any suitable options.

We didn’t know what to do – until inspiration hit during a skiing trip.

Over cold beer and falling snow, our
business idea was born. Our solution? Bamboo.

Fabric made from this wonder-grass
possessed a natural ability to fight off odours and germs while staying soft, breathable, and smooth enough for fur to slide right off.

Over the next eight months, we travelled to several cities searching for the best bamboo and perfecting our manufacturing process. We also roped in our pets and our friends’ pets to be four-legged testers!

Furify is the result– bedding and loungewear designed with you and your pet in mind.

With its antibacterial properties, we wouldn’t have to worry about the build-up of germs. Cleaning was also much easier since bamboo fabric is anti-snag. To top it off, the silky soft fabric feels great for humans and dogs!

That’s not all. To support fur-friends without homes and beds, we contribute 10% of proceeds from our sales to needy animals and shelters across the US.

We’re ready for some quality sleep, and we hope you are too! 

Tailored for Purrfection