Fur Repellent Bamboo Duvet Set

$179.00 $224.00
Color: Mint Breeze



Bamboo Duvet Set includes 1 duvet cover and 2 pillow shams.

Please refer to size guide for more information.

  • Furify's fabrics: Crafted to repel pet hair, dander, and dust, maintaining a pristine living space effortlessly. Ideal for households with pets and children.
  • Anti-bacterial & Allergen-free: Made from bamboo, naturally resistant to bacteria and free from harmful substances. Perfect for sensitive skin, providing a hypoallergenic, gentle solution. Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified, toxic-free with no formaldehyde.
  • Anti-static: Bamboo fabric chosen for its anti-static properties, ensuring luxurious comfort while repelling static electricity and preventing pet fur clinginess.
  • Our selected colors: Light color palettes inspired by nature, including shades of blue, green, and violet, to enhance comfort for pets and reduce stress levels with calming properties.
  • Soft & Breathable: Renowned for sumptuous softness and luxurious feel, bamboo fabric is naturally breathable, offering the ultimate comfort for a peaceful night's sleep. Crafted with 100% bamboo, providing hypoallergenic properties, breathability, and temperature regulation. 300 thread count.
  • Duvet cover features: The duvet cover features a zipper for easy removal and cleaning, along with internal ties to keep the quilt securely in place ensuring a snug fit and prevent shifting.



Machine wash in cold or warm water without bleach, then either line dry or tumble dry on low heat. If necessary, gently iron. Avoid dry cleaning. Use a gentle cycle at 86°F for washing and a low heat and tumble cycle for drying. Opt for line drying to maintain softness.